Clear and Beautiful Skin (16 mins)

Simply Hypnotic

"The truly amazing recording that started a "Clear Skin Revolution" with almost one million hits on YouTube.  Try it for 30 days and if it doesn't bring about amazing changes I will give you your money back."

                                                           - Andre James

"Since I've started listening to this one about three days ago I've gotten tons of compliments out of the blue from random strangers on how good my complexion is and how clear my skin is and how I don't look my age. I feel a tingling in my face when I listen to this. Thanks for making this recording."

                                                          -  Via YouTube

Do you suffer with acne, constant breakouts or problem skin? Have you tried everything to get rid of your spots from professional products to home made remedies but sadly nothing worked? Having worked with clients in a bid to build self confidence, I understand that problem skin causes embarrassment and has a negative impact on lifestyle and mental health that may prevent them from seeking help?

TV adverts and magazine articles are plentiful with sufferers trying everything from over the counter products, changes to the diet and buying expensive remedies, yet still some people continually suffer daily or random outbreaks. This could result in people masking the problem with heavy make up whilst avoiding social situations, 

If this is you, can you imagine what your life would be like if you had Clear and Beautiful Skin? Perhaps the massive boost to your confidence and self esteem you are looking for? If so don't miss this chance, purchase now for an instant download that could change your life forever.. (Don't take my work for it, please read some of my reviews..)


"I woke up,  looked in the mirror and I had tears of joy 😊😊 THANK YOU SO MUCH"

                                                          - Via YouTube

 Clear and Beautiful Skin Affirmations Download by Simply Hypnotic: Clear and Beautiful Skin – Skin looking drab and tired? Looking washed Out? Do you suffer with Acne? Help Improve the look and feel of your Skin, look radiant and feel good about yourself simply by listening to this incredible 16:19 Minute Binaural Beat recording layered with over 300 carefully selected Subliminal Voice Affirmations, each resonating continuously as you listen to beautiful ambience. Affirmations include: “Having beautiful skin is natural for me, I feel beautiful thoughts and it shows, Having beautiful skin is one of the top priorities in my life, and I look wonderful every day, Each day my skin becomes more and more radiant, Every day brings me closer to my perfect self-image, Every day I feel prettier and prettier, Every day I practice feeling beautiful. Every day my inner beauty shines brighter than before, Every day my skin becomes more and more radiant, Every morning when I look in the mirror, I see a younger, more attractive me, I am a beautiful being, in my own unique way, I am a beautiful person, inside and out, I am a knock-out!, My skin has the soft all-over glow of warm sunshine, My skin is becoming softer and smoother every day, My skin feels supple and smooth, My skin glows with youthful radiance, My skin is clear and healthy, My skin is clear and radiant, My skin is healthy and youthful, My skin is smooth and soft, My skin is supple and well toned.I am a stunner!, I am an attractive person, I am beautiful. I have clear and beautiful skin, my skin is fresh and vibrant, I have excellent skin tone, I feel wonderful about my skin and many more…”


"OMG, 3rd day listening and someone just commented on my skin and how much better it looks! Wow, soo happy 🤗 "

                                                          - Via Facebook

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